Tumblr Aesthetics & the Villager Cast

So C.S. Taylor gave me the idea to use Tumblr aesthetics to describe my characters.  I’ve always wanted to try this but just never had the time to do it.  And then I thought — what better place to do it than in a post for my blog tour?


If you guys like this, I may do the cast of Smoke and Mirrors in the future!


First — Types of People as Colors.


Types of People as Colors


Vivianna: A mix between Blue + Brown

Nex: A mix between Red + Grey

Kallimene: Red

Tyde: Green

Reeve: A mix between Yellow + Green

Fiatina: A mix between Yellow + Blue

Caela: Yellow



Second — Types of People as Smells.


Types of People as Smells


Vivianna: Woodsmoke

Nex: Ink

Kallimene: Thunderstorms + Honey

Tyde: Saltwater + Woodsmoke

Reeve: Saltwater

Fiatina: Wisteria + Thunderstorms

Caela: Honey



Third — Types of People as Months.


Types of People as Months


Vivianna: September

Nex: March

Kallimene: March + October

Tyde: December

Reeve: July

Fiatina: February + May

Caela: July + October



Fourth — Types of People as Art.


Types of People as Art


Vivianna: Music + Literature

Nex: Music

Kallimene: Music + Culinary

Tyde: Literature

Reeve: Culinary + Drawing

Fiatina: Fashion + Culinary

Caela: Performance



And Fifth — Types of People as Kisses.


The first right kiss


Vivianna: Slow Kiss

Nex: Tearful Kiss +

Kallimene: Messy Kiss

Tyde: The First Right Kiss

Reeve: Messy Kiss

Fiatina: Breathy Kiss

Caela: Messy Kiss + Playful Kiss



Have you ever tried using Tumblr aesthetics to describe your characters (or even yourself)?  How would you or some of your characters fit into the aesthetics I used?  Feel free to share below!

4 responses to “Tumblr Aesthetics & the Villager Cast”

  1. This makes me so happy ❤ What I love about using this is that certain elements of aesthetics are transferable to them within stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely! I love to see the correlations. 😍 Going to have to use this method for future novels too!


  2. Windy Darlington Avatar
    Windy Darlington

    I’ve honestly never done this with characters before, but seeing you and Cherise talk about it and do it now has made me rather enamoured of the idea. It’s a neat concept. And I LOVE all of your characters and their aesthetics! ❤ So awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much! ❤ I definitely recommend trying it out! It’s super fun! ^_^


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