Blog Schedule Announcement!

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope all of you are doing well. In case you happened not to see my announcement over on social media (Instagram and FaceBook as @booksbysr), Hubby and I are expecting a baby girl in 2021!

Because of this, I’ve been stepping back to reevaluate aspects of my writing/publishing, editing, and marketing business, and I’ve realized that in order to benefit my growing family as well as all of my readers, there are some things that are going to have to change moving into this new chapter of life.

While most of the changes aren’t necessarily social media worthy and are more for my peace of mind, I wanted to update you on one of the bigger changes that will involve all of you lovelies: changing my blog schedule.

My typical schedule has been posting once a week and includes a variety of blog posts, such as book reviews, writing related things (writing updates, advice, guest posts, short stories, the like), Musings posts, author interviews, etc. This schedule has worked really well the past few months, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! However, with a new baby comes limited time, and this rather intense posting schedule isn’t going to work for the near future.

There are two main things I plan on changing.

The first is bumping my posting schedule back to once every other week and, depending on how I’m feeling when Baby Roberts arrives, potentially dropping that down from there as well. But for now until something needs to change, I will only be posting once every other week, on Saturdays. This will give me some extra time to prepare for Baby, as well as focus on the other aspects of my business that need a little more attention before she arrives.

The second is narrowing down the topics I post about. I’d like to “go back to my roots,” to the initial schedule of my blog when I first started out, and post more book reviews than I’m doing now. However, I’d also love to continue doing writing related posts, such as updates, advice, short stories, etc.

This DOES NOT mean that I won’t be posting Musings or Author Interviews ever again! I’m simply toning back on them right now. Especially during a pandemic, it’s been really hard to get Author Interviews scheduled. Both Traditional and Indie Authors are having to navigate the writing, publishing, and marketing world on top of whatever else they have going on in their lives AND on top of COVID-19. I want to be sure that I’m being respectful of their time and priorities while also making sure I’m staying true to mine. Still, I’m always on the lookout for authors to interview, and if I find someone that’s up for it, there will be interviews going up on the blog.

This also DOES NOT mean that I won’t be accepting any guest post material! I’m definitely willing to review, work with, and schedule guest post content, depending on what the material is on and if it’s relevant to my blog. It’s just not going to be my main focus as of right now.

Hopefully these changes make sense and are workable and still interesting to all of you! I know a lot of you have told me you enjoy the book reviews and writing related posts the most, so I wanted to be sure to keep both of those things moving forward.

I’m super excited about this new chapter in my life, and I want to thank all of you for continuing to stick with me!

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