Smoke and Mirrors (Signed Edition)

2107. Newburgh, New York. Winter is coming, more brutal than ever. The American people are starving and freezing to death. Meanwhile, the Jun police force continues to exert their power over everyone. They hoard food for themselves, get drunk on Elixir, and kill without mercy. The financial capital, New York City, ruled by the Chang Council, is the only refuge – but it would be suicide to make the sixty mile trek on foot during the winter. Miriam needs to escape her past, and the walls of New York City are all that will keep it at bay. Christina is very sick and requires the warmth and medicine New York City provides. Penn wants the easy-going, protected life that comes with freedom from the Jun. Calvin lost his parents to the same sickness that now grips his sister, and he can’t afford to lose someone else. Rhianna just wants to have fun with the only family she’s ever known and is excited to go outside and experience the world. Deric wants to save the ragtag group of orphans he calls his family, but he fears the price of the journey will be too high. But when a tragic event happens to one of his family members, Deric decides to risk the journey to New York City in hopes that his family will finally have the safety and protection they deserve. It will be dangerous, but the group is willing to face it together. If only their pasts would stay buried in the snow… *Price Includes Shipping Cost.


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Je Te Veux (Signed Edition)

What if every 1,000 years the Greek gods and goddesses were reincarnated to complete a task on earth? And what if the god of peace and the goddess of chaos met up and fell in love? When Sara and Tom wake up in Paris and are given their assignments, neither one expects to have any complications. Both are prepared to complete their tasks and move on with their lives. But after a chance encounter, they choose to risk their destinies for the love that they have found. The only thing is, gods aren’t meant to live on borrowed time. And the consequences for their actions could very well destroy them both. *Price Includes Shipping Cost


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6 Character Bookmarks from Smoke and Mirrors – Add On

If you’re purchasing any of my books and wish to get the character bookmarks from my novel, Smoke and Mirrors, you may add this purchase onto your book purchase! You will receive all six (from top left to bottom right): Rhianna, Calvin, Penn, Miriam, Christina, and Deric.





Villager (Signed Edition)

“Vivianna tries to be the perfect Quelmirian villager. She attends every festival. She is more than willing to lend a helping hand. She is an obedient, devoted daughter, and she has a wonderful family. But when her Mam abandons her family for another man, Vivianna’s perfect life is shattered to pieces. Desperate to help her Father provide for her younger brother, Vivianna accepts a job at the Quelmirian palace. But the palace comes with its own set of challenges, and soon she finds herself in over her head. In Book 1 of the Quelmirian Duology, Vivianna finds herself entangled in a dangerous game where one false step can ruin everything she’s ever loved.” *Price includes shipping!



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  • Quelmiran Duology Book 2 – Coming Fall 2019