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This combo set contains both first books in my Fantasy series!


Je Te Veux:

What if every 1,000 years the Greek gods and goddesses were reincarnated to complete a task on earth? And what if the god of peace and the goddess of chaos met up and fell in love?

When Sara and Tom wake up in Paris and are given their assignments, neither one expects to have any complications. Both are prepared to complete their tasks and move on with their lives. But after a chance encounter, they choose to risk their destinies for the love that they have found.

The only thing is, gods aren’t meant to live on borrowed time. And the consequences for their actions could very well destroy them both.



As a traditional Quelmirian villager, Vivianna longs for something that will finally make her special. Instead, she finds a job at the palace serving the royal family. But life at the palace takes a turn when the King of Quelmir is murdered in cold blood.

Vivianna quickly finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of political intrigue, where the King’s ward and his lover have secrets to hide, an airship pirate and the Prince’s best friend have a past, and the attention of the Prince could land her in prison.

In Book One of the Quelmirian Duology, Vivianna learns that there are two sides to every story, including her own, and not all of them have happy endings.


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