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What if every 1,000 years the Greek gods and goddesses were reincarnated to complete a task on earth? And what if the god of peace and the goddess of chaos met up and fell in love?

When Sara and Tom wake up in Paris and are given their assignments, neither one expects to have any complications. Both are prepared to complete their tasks and move on with their lives. But after a chance encounter, they choose to risk their destinies for the love that they have found.

The only thing is, gods aren’t meant to live on borrowed time. And the consequences for their actions could very well destroy them both.

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3 reviews for Je Te Veux

  1. Abby

    a delight. Savanna has intricately woven together Greek Mythology and a Parisian setting that she was obviously familiar with. it was an easy to read love story and I would love to read a sequel to this.

  2. CS

    I would give Je Te Veux a 3.

    It was a well-structured story with cute characters but needed some expansion to answer questions about world building and further develop the relationships and stakes within the story. It’s a fun little afternoon read with a cool story premise, cute characters, and a well done love-at-first-sight plot line.

  3. Dianna

    A cute story. I loved seeing the old Greek mythology mixed with modern day Paris. I loved reading about Tom and Sara falling in love, that ending though? I need to know what happens next!

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