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Betrayed by the person they trusted the most, Vivianna and her friends have no choice but to flee Quelmir on Reeve’s airship.

With grief heavy on their shoulders, no allies, and no plan, they seek solace on the Baylan Isles, the only place they know Kallimene won’t follow. But on the Isles, they find more than safety — they find healing, friendship, and the courage to save Quelmir.

To defeat the traitor on the throne, all of them will be tested, Vivianna most of all. Will the gods grant her the power to help save the ones she loves, or will Quelmir fall into ruin?

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4 reviews for Storyteller

  1. & She Reads

    The freaking Character Development UGH I love it so much. Viviana, Nex, Tyde, Tina, and Reeve all grow so much in this book I don’t know how Savanna managed it but wow I somehow loved them all so much more.

  2. Joyce F.

    A wonderful conclusion to this story, we see each character come full circle in their journeys, and in unexpected but fitting ways.

    Saving the kingdom doesn’t come without a price, and tears were shed before victory was claimed, just showing how amazing the characters are and how well they can invoke emotion in the reader.

  3. Krissa H.

    Somehow. This hurt more than I thought it would. A story where all the characters deserve the world <3

  4. Abigail

    That was perfect.

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