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As a traditional Quelmirian villager, Vivianna longs for something that will finally make her special. Instead, she finds a job at the palace serving the royal family. But life at the palace takes a turn when the King of Quelmir is murdered in cold blood.

Vivianna quickly finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of political intrigue, where the King’s ward and his lover have secrets to hide, an airship pirate and the Prince’s best friend have a past, and the attention of the Prince could land her in prison.

In Book One of the Quelmirian Duology, Vivianna learns that there are two sides to every story, including her own, and not all of them have happy endings.

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7 reviews for Villager

  1. Solange

    Villager is the first book in the Quelmirian Duology and im gonna tell you this but you’ll see it in other reviews too, put. your. seat belt. on. this ride is wild and you know what im not getting off it haha The story follows the MC Vivianna on her journey to pull her family forward after her mother abandons the family for another man, Vivianna as a character first off is such an easy likable character she follows her heart and wants the best for those around her. She accepts a job at the Quelmirian Palace and has no idea that its going to and has no idea that its going to change her life pretty drastically!

    First thing I do want to mention about Villager is that the story plays out pretty smoothly. Savanna is very good at keeping the flow of the story going without adding to many unnecessary details or leaving out any important ones. Each character has their own personality and they each come with a pretty concrete backstory. I also want to mention that anything that is not addressed (which I don’t think is much) is only because those are details for the next book. Speaking of which, Savanna I need book two as soON AS POSSIBLE THANKS.

    I obviously don’t want to give anything away but I will say I love prince Nex so so so much. I also of course love Vivianna, right from the beginning I love her. The story mainly follows them but of course we have a couple others, Tyde my poor nervous child, Kallimene, Princess Fiatina, and Reeve who I cannot wait to see more of in book two! (Who doesn’t like a sassy pirate?!)

    Now, the actual plot of the book…vnekhbhkbdhksfjhs IM A MESS. Okay let me compose myself..but seriously It all hit me and then next thing I knew I was faced with the To Be Continued page and I was like….you’re lying…NO. And that’s pretty much all I can say without giving up too much about that.

    Oh and I also want to mention how the life in the village reminds me of the villages in Skyrim and I love love love that. I love how Savanna did the fantasy in this series, it has a mix of like heavy fantasy mixed in with some newer technological aspects towards the end that I really wasn’t expecting at all and I love how it all ties in together. Over all I definitely recommend Villager or pretty much anything Savanna writes to be totally honest.

    I would rate Villager 4/5 stars and if you’ve never checked out an independent author I would say to start with Savanna Roberts.

    I’m very very excited for book two and I can’t wait to see how all the characters grow from the events in Villager and I’m so excited to see the Baylan Isles!! Definitely a 2019 favorite for me!

  2. Nori

    Savanna Roberts “Villager” is descriptive and relatable. She painted a world rich with their own traditions, with characters you can really see yourself in. The villain was obvious to me, but the way she pulled it off was incredibly believable. The ending is quite the cliff hanger, but I won’t spoil it for you. An all around good read that I couldn’t put down.

  3. Meredith

    YA and fantasy both aren’t my go-to genres (and sometimes I even actively avoid them), but, nevertheless, once I started reading Villager I didn’t want to stop. Robert’s writing style is accessible and easy to read, the plotting and characterization were compelling, and the worldbuilding was so interesting to learn about (you can tell that Roberts put a lot of thought into the world). There are some issues I had–some with stylistic preferences, some with character dynamics/relationships (namely about Nex’s anger management and unhealthy coping mechanisms), some simply with personal preference regarding genre and story–but overall, an enjoyable read. I’ll be picking up the second book to see how the character arcs end.

  4. Annelise

    I don’t always go for multiple POV books, but I enjoyed that this one has some really interesting issues explored through the characters’ minds. The ways of kingdom-running explored were quite unique and I’m excited for the next installment.

  5. Abigail

    Yes, okay, was it a little more dramatic than I usually care for? Sure. But gosh darn it if it wasn’t a boatload (or an airshipload?) of fun.
    I really liked the characters a lot. Viviana was an awesome protagonist, and I did love Nex right off the bat because, as we’ve discussed, bad-guys-who-aren’t-so-bad are my favorite. <3 Most especially the ones who fall in love with the soft beans. (In other news, Vivi and Nex's relationship was so shippable and I loved it) There were a few of the side characters I didn't super care for (but I don't think I was supposed to so we're good), but there were several I fell in love with. Namely Reeve and Tyde. I love those guys.
    Also I just have to squeal for a minute about the worldbuilding because AH. It was so cool! There's magic, but not in this part of the world. There are pirates but they sail airships. There's a pantheon of gods but they are benevolent for the most part. It's like Savanna took some of my favorite tropes and turned them on their heads and I'm so happy.
    And also I read this in basically one sitting. Which is always a good sign.
    So yeah, I'd recommend it if you want some fantasy with some self-discovery, royal assassination, and shippable ships… and actual ships.
    I need book 2 now please.

    4 stars from me!

  6. Dianna

    Roberts is becoming one of my must buy authors. She was such a lovely way with words that just pulls me in and makes me feel as though I am experiencing things with the amazing characters she writes about.

    Villager is Book 1 in the Quelmirian Doulogy and I cannot recommend it enough. Though warning you will want book 2 really badly as soon as you finish.

    Roberts bring each character to life. I found myself on edge waiting to see what would happen. My heart was ripped out when Vivianna’s mom leaves all of them. Vivianna’s dad worked hard, but it was so clear he loved his wife and I felt so badly for him now that he was left with two kids to continue raising on his own. Heartbroken and down one income the family works hard to try to make ends meets and Vivianna ends up jumping at the chance to provide for her and takes a job at the palace.

    The story that unfolds during her time there is incredible. The relationships she forms. She must choose what to do and who to trust and questions if she makes the correct choice or not.

    I will admit I saw the twist at the end, but I still enjoyed reading it and seeing exactly how it would play out. The ending had me letting out a huge sign wishing I could read more now! I need to know what is going to happen next.

    This is a book I would highly recommend. It is well written, entertaining, and full of emotions.

  7. Joyce F.

    If you are looking for a well-written book with meaningful, deep characters this is the book series.

    Savanna Roberts does an excellent job with characters, and within the first few pages of this book, I was already anticipating what was in store for each character.

    Following Vivianna, Nex, Tyde, and others, a very exciting and page-turning story unfolds. Mystery, romance, and adventure are all elements of this delightful story.

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