Savanna’s Street Squad

Do you enjoy reading my books?  Are you a blogger, bookstagrammer, fellow writer, or just an avid reader in general?  Why not join my Street Squad?  🙂

What is Savanna’s Street Squad?

This is a group of readers who have enjoyed my books and want to be involved in weekly one-on-one discussions with me and other fellow readers! We have a ton of fun talking about my writing or editing updates, seeing sneak peeks of cover designs and character art before anyone else, reading unedited excerpts from early drafts of my new projects, and so much more!

We also…

  • Are an exclusive Facebook (or Instagram, see below) group where everyone gets to interact with me on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Have monthly giveaways where I’ll be showering out book swag, gift cards, and autographed copies.
  • Have Q&A times where you can ask me questions and I will select one to post about on social media, tagging your social media account (whether that’s IG or FB or both). Depending on the question, I may even consider sending it out in my general monthly newsletter.
  • Can schedule live or just normal videos for Q&A chats or just to talk some days.
  • Depending on your schedule and your experience reviewing books of course, I’ll offer members beta reading opportunities for my latest projects.
  • Do monthly reading check-ins to get fantastic book recs from the other readers in the group!

A Street Squad can solely just hang out as readers, no pressure, but some often try to spread the word about big announcements I have coming up, new books, help with marketing, etc. However, none of these things are required to join the group — we just want to make sure everyone is having fun!

These are a list of things you could do to help, if you’d like, but again, not required to join the group:

  • Tell people about my books, whether it’s family and friends by word-of-mouth or by posting on social media sites.
  • Share exciting news (pre-orders, upcoming releases, giveaways, release-day information) on your social media sites, including your blog.
  • Buy my books (e-book or paperback) either when they’re up for pre-order, on release day, or shortly thereafter. Buying my books sooner gives them more visibility on Amazon and can get me in the best-seller charts.
  • Leave honest reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  • If you’re interested, consider doing a book review of my book on your blog or share excerpts, or we can possibly figure out author interviews for your blog. I’d love to work with you!
  • Ask your local libraries to get my books in stock.
  • Follow my monthly newsletter and blog and participate, as well as invite others to follow and participate too.

NOTE that to join the Facebook group is an application process just so we don’t get any unwanted spammers! Don’t be discouraged by this and just fill out the super simple questionnaire. 🙂

To apply, click here to join the Facebook group and answer the questions. If you don’t have a Facebook account but still want to be involved in my Squad, you can message me on Instagram to join my Instagram Reader Group (@booksbysr)!

Thanks, you guys! I look forward to connecting more personally with each and every one of you!

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