Savanna’s Street Squad

Do you enjoy reading my books?  Are you a blogger, bookstagrammer, fellow writer, or just an avid reader in general?  Why not join my Street Squad?  🙂



What does a Street Squad do?
A Street Squad does multiple things, but their overarching goal is to spread the word about my books. This can be in the form of sharing my posts on your personal social media pages (not everything I post, but important news related to giveaways, pre-order details, upcoming releases, and release-day information), social media stories, Tweeting, and/or blogging about me on your own blogs or guest blogs.


You aren’t required to do all of these things, but the purpose of a Street Squad is to spread the word about my books. If you love my books as much as I do, then sharing the word will draw in more people to learn about and hopefully read my books too. I could talk about my novels all day because I love to discuss writing with people, but bolstering my novels as the author can seem sleazy. YA readers would rather hear from you, because you love my books and would be able to recommend them to people without it seeming super weird. 😉


Broken down, what would becoming apart of my Street Squad look like? (Again, you wouldn’t be required to do all of these but even just one or two would be helpful!)


  • Tell people about my books, whether it’s family and friends by word-of-mouth or by posting on social media sites.
  • Share exciting news (pre-orders, upcoming releases, giveaways, release-day information) on your social media sites, including your blog.
  • Buy my books (e-book or paperback) either when they’re up for pre-order, on release day, or shortly thereafter. Buying my books sooner gives them more visibility on Amazon and can get me in the best-seller charts.
  • Leave honest reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
  • If you’re interested, consider doing a book review of my book on your blog or share excerpts, or we can possibly figure out author interviews for your blog. I’d love to work with you!
  • Ask your local libraries to get my books in stock.
  • Follow my monthly newsletter and blog and participate, as well as invite others to follow and participate too.



What is in it for you?


  • You will be invited to an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll get to interact with me on a daily/weekly basis.
  • You will be subject to giveaways where I’ll be showering out book swag, gift cards, and autographed copies.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook, NO WORRIES! You can still sign up to join my Street Squad and receive private monthly newsletters about what I’m working on, any upcoming exciting news to post about, giveaways, and more!
  • You can ask me questions and I will select one every other week to post about on social media, tagging your social media account (whether that’s IG or FB or both). Depending on the question, I may even consider sending it out in my general monthly newsletter.
  • I will be more than happy to schedule live videos for Q&A chats or just to talk some days.
  • You will be able to view an excerpt of my upcoming releases.
  • Depending on your schedule, your experience reviewing books, and how frequently I may need you, I’ll choose a few members to become beta readers for my latest project.


NOTE that this is an application process, so do your best to tell my why you should be accepted to my Street Squad!
To apply, click here to join the Facebook group and answer the questions. If you don’t have a Facebook account but still want to be involved in my Squad, you can fill out a form here to apply for the monthly Street Squad newsletter.


Thanks, you guys! I look forward to connecting more personally with each and every one of you!