Author Interview with Bryce Roberts



I have a very special treat for you guys, today!  Something y’all may not know is that I married a writer…  And today, you’ll get to read through an interview I had with Bryce, my Hubby, about his writing journey and books!


What started your writing journey?  Was it a person, a place, your own idea, or something different?

B:  It actually started with a group email activity with some friends back in my freshman year of high school. We would write a scene or chapter of a story and then email it on to the next person in the order, and they would add on to the story and pass it on, etc. The story was horrible. It had no plot, no development, it was literally just random scenes written by 6 different teenagers trying to connect them together. But it was fun. So when we finished, I decided to try my hand at writing a full story myself. And thus my writing journey began…


Tell us a little bit about your two books you have published, Claervont Captive and Claervont’s Cost.

B: They’re the first two books in a medieval fantasy trilogy, The Claervont Chronicles. They’re about a squire, Michal, who has to do everything he can to protect his kingdom from enemies both inside the kingdom and out. 




What inspired you to write medieval fantasy specifically?

B: I’ve always loved the world of medieval fantasy. The plot, characters, and action is all something that’s very tangible to me and easy to develop. There’s also a lot of freedom with the world and the characters. There are just so many options for ways to make a story, and I love it.


While you are working on the third and final book in the Claervont Chronicles, do you think we’ll see more books set in the same world in the future, or do you imagine you’ll work on something different?

B: I think that once I finish the third book in the Claervont Chronicles, that world will be finished. I don’t plan on writing anything else that takes place in Claervont. 

I do have another novel that’s also in progress which theoretically takes place in the same universe at an earlier point in time. It will have a new cast of characters and takes place in a new location however, so not really related to Claervont. 


What made you decide to self-publish instead of traditionally publish?  How did you like the process?

B: Honestly at the beginning I wasn’t planning on publishing at all. I wanted one copy of the book so that I could put it on my shelf, that’s all. But then when friends and family heard, they ordered copies from me, and that in turn led to it actually being a thing. 


Who are some authors that inspire you to become a better writer?

 B: George RR Martin, Leigh Bardugo, and Ted Dekker.


Do you have a favorite character you’ve written thus far?

 B: Of my published books I’d say it’s probably Trynn. She was a fun personality to write and a good contract to the other characters. But if we’re including characters from books that aren’t published yet, then it’s definitely Iris, from my work in progress. 


What is the hardest part about writing for you?

 B: Outlining, probably. It’s a catch 22 for me. I don’t like outlining a ton because it cramps my creativity, but if I don’t outline enough then I don’t give myself enough to go on. 

(Note from Savanna: His outlining method, or lack thereof, drives me crazy. 😉 )


How would you describe your writing style?

 B: Descriptive and typically plot-focused. 


What is your favorite book of all time, and why?

 B: I’m going to group The Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones series) into one. The depth of the world building, the scope of the story, and the depth of the characters are all absolutely the best that I have ever read. It literally feels like you’re reading a dramatized history book rather than a work of fiction. It’s incredible.  


What is some advice you could give to aspiring writers out there?

B: Just keep swimming-er, I mean writing. Seriously though, just try to churn out words, get that rough draft down. Once it’s down, you can go through and edit to clean it up. Don’t slow yourself down trying to make it perfect the first time around. 

Also give yourself permission to fail. Let yourself enjoy the process instead of stressing about making it just so. Writing is about the journey, not just the destination.



If you’d like to check out Bryce’s books, the links are below!




Claervont Captive:

Claervont’s Cost:




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