Author Interview with Laura Mae

Today on the blog, I have Laura Mae, author of the Fliers series!  I’ve been following this lady’s indie journey for awhile now, and I’m so excited for you guys to read through her interview!


Hi Laura! It’s so nice to have you on the blog today!

When did you first decide you wanted to write?  Was it your first career choice or were you planning on doing something else?

L: Well, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I used to write little short stories, poetry, song lyrics (even though I am “instrumental” impaired) and loved writing reports in school — really. I always got made fun of for that! I never thought of being a writer or even an author growing up. I just really enjoyed writing, never took it as a serious career. I wanted to be a lot of things growing up, and am a graphic designer actually and planning on getting into marketing or advertising. But if it doesn’t go how I plan, I always have writing. 🙂

When did you first publish?  Did you try a traditional route before going indie?

L: I first published in March of 2018, Fliers. I had been writing it for about 8 years and every once in a while during this long writing process, I did look into publishers, but not traditionally. I was very new the whole thing and reached out to a lot of agents who wanted you to pay them to publish your book. I thought this was the only way to do it, so I did make a kick starter a few years before I ‘actually’ published it. Thankfully, I never went that way because I got a lot of negative feedback from friends and family. I soon discovered you could publish on Amazon for free and it was awesome.

Did you enjoy your self-publishing experience?

L: I did! It was a lot of work, and research and… money. *ahem* That was the only part I didn’t quite enjoy. But we all have to learn somehow. The next time around was much better. I had resources and experience and friends in the writing community who were super helpful. It’s a great experience and I’m glad I get to do ALL of it, ya know?

So you have two books out in your Fliers series, currently.  Can you give us a summary of what both are about?

L: Yes! Fliers is about a species of humans who are called fliers and they are descendants of fairies. They can fly without wings and live among humans just like any other race of people. An overly wealthy man by the name of Dr. John Malik has a plan to somehow harness the fliers ability to share it with the world. Essentially making everyone fly. He captures fliers and forces them into camps to do constant studies; some fliers have been in captivity for over 50 years. The main character, Sydona Wilder, and her fairy friend Raoul set out to stop the cruelty and save her people.

How many books are you planning on having in your Fliers series?  Are you working on another book as we speak?

L: Fliers is a trilogy! I didn’t plan on it that way, but you know how things go! I am working on the third one right now! Depending on when this interview goes out, I may have my third cover revealed! My third and final one. *holds back tears*

As a fellow author, I know series can be pretty hard to write.  What made you decide to tackle such a challenge?

L: As I said, I did not plan on making this a series to start with. I had an idea 8 years ago from a dream and just wanted to get it out. It wasn’t until I finished the manuscript for book 1 that I knew it needed a lot more story. I couldn’t introduce a whole new species of people and have a huge conflict and sum it all up in one book. But I will say, doing this in 3 books instead of 1 is making it that much harder to write “The End.”

What inspires you to write?

L: I feel I have a pretty active imagination and lots of crazy dreams that writing them down is the only way I can stay sane! I’ve always been better at writing or typing words than saying them. Creating strong emotions from words written on a page is just crazy to me. They can make you laugh, cry or even scare you. I wouldn’t be me without writing.

Who are some authors that inspire you to become a better writer?

L: J.K. Rowling has to be the OG of my love. I love how she can create worlds so detailed you feel you know it like your own home. I recently read Margret Atwoods “A Handmaid’s Tale’ and loved her unique voice. It was so different from anything I’ve read before and it was really inspirational for me.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve written thus far?

L: It’s hard because I love all of my characters so much. I’ve been with them for over a decade. It took me a while to love my MC (sadly), Sydona is my favorite. She is a lot that I am, but also a lot I envy. She’s strong, independent but vulnerable at times making her incredibly human — even though she’s a flier. Lol

What is the hardest part about writing for you?

L: The hardest part is hoping that your words came across exactly how you wanted them to. Hoping that the reader connects to the characters as much as you have. Characters are so important to the overall story and I think it’s buzzkill when the characters are too boring or not interesting. I try to appeal to different personalities and traits that make you fall in love (or friggin hate) them — in a good way.

How would you describe your writing style?

L: Oh man. That’s a good question. I suppose I would describe it as concise yet imaginative. I personally like fast pace novels, with a lot of action or twists and while I use concise language to build tension, when I slow down, I like to describe details, weather and really set the mood. Is this at all accurate? I have no idea. Please tell me what you think my style is! I’m really curious. Lol

Do you have a favorite snack or drink you enjoy while writing?

L: I don’t actually. Some days I can write with no food or drink. Other days, I’ll have water or wine next to me. Though, I will say, I love saltine crackers, and they are easy to eat.

Just because I’d like to include it for readers’ purposes, what would you say your target audience is for your book?  Is there any content I should warn readers about?

L: My target audience is Young Adult, though it could be categorized as Adult too. It’s simple reading and has whimsical parts, making it better for a slightly younger age. The reason I would put it Adult is it does get darker down the road. Characters who love to curse, suicides and a mention of a rape. But there’s no nudity or sexual themes at all.

What is some advice you can give aspiring authors out there that you wish you had known when you began your writing and publishing journey?

L: I wish I had known all of the different outlets of how you can publish. Once I discovered self-publishing I kicked my own butt for how simple it was. Also, joining writing communities have helped me so much. Especially on Twitter. Facebook also has some great groups who have support and daily writing prompts.

What do you consider your definition of success, as an author?  Have you reached it yet or are you still in the process of obtaining it?

L: I know success can be measured in a million different ways to a million different people, but for me, I think it’s the people who personally reach out and say how much they love the story I’ve created. To know that my writing has a place on their shelves and in their hearts means the world to me. Although, if by some miracle it becomes a movie, I think I’ll have to change my answer! Lol

Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Laura!  To check out any of her books or follow her on social media, check out the links below!


Laura Mae is a new author and released her first book, Fliers, in March 2018. About a year before it was published, she worked on it for about 7 years on and off. With a single dream as inspiration, her idea for the book came to life. Writing has always been a passion for her. Growing up, she would write short stories, poems, song lyrics and even attempt screenplays. It wasn’t until recently she became more serious about her writing and wanting to show the world what she could do. When she’s not writing, her other passion is graphic design. Basically anything she can spend hours in front of a computer screen doing is her ideal activity. She also enjoys hiking and the outdoors, loves animals, wine, video games, binging Netflix shows and spending time with family.

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