Musings || Which of My Books is for You? Quiz

I can’t even begin to describe to all of you how incredibly thankful I am for such a productive first year of writing. God has blessed my endeavors in more ways than I ever could have imagined for this first year of building my platform, and I’m humbled and grateful.

But because of how much I’ve gotten done, you may be wondering which of my books are for you. Everyone has different reading preferences, and while reviews can be helpful, they don’t always seal the deal. What better way to help you discover which of my books is perfect for you than with a short and easy quiz!

Which setting sounds the most exciting to you?

A) New York

B) Tropical Beach

C) European Country

What genre do you prefer to read?

A) Dystopian

B) Fantasy

C) Romance

How committed to reading are you?

A) Stand-Alone’s

B) Duologies, Trilogies, Series

C) Short/Quick Read Fiction

What style of book do you like reading most?

A) Very Challenging/Makes You Think

B) Moderately Challenging/Makes You Think

C) Light and Fluffy

Out of all of these romance tropes, which is your favorite?

A) Love Triangle, Done Well

B) Royal Romance

C) Insta-Love [instant love]

Which sounds more interesting?

A) Found Family

B) Political Intrigue

C) Forbidden Love

Which themes speak the most to your heart?

A) Mental Illness Rep, Learning from Mistakes, You’re Not Alone

B) Anxiety Rep, Growing Up/Coming of Age, Becoming Who You’re Meant to Be

C) Explore, Soul Mates, Self-Sacrifice

How many POV (point-of-view) characters do you like to follow?

A) 6 or less

B) 6 or more

C) Simple, Dual POV

If you answered mostly A’s…

My debut Dystopian novel, Smoke and Mirrors, is for you! Featuring one of my favorite tropes, Found Family, and a large variety of mental illness and abuse rep (both substance and physical/sexual), Smoke and Mirrors is by far my darkest book. But it does have the reminder of hope throughout the entire story, and the characters spend the book chasing after it. Here’s the official synopsis:

“2107. Newburgh, New York.

Winter is coming, more brutal than ever. The American people are starving and freezing to death. Meanwhile, the Jun police force continues to exert their power over everyone. They hoard food for themselves, get drunk on Elixir, and kill without mercy. The financial capital, New York City, ruled by the Chang Council, is the only refuge – but it would be suicide to make the sixty mile trek on foot during the winter.

Miriam needs to escape her past, and the walls of New York City are all that will keep it at bay.

Christina is very sick and requires the warmth and medicine New York City provides.

Penn wants the easy-going, protected life that comes with freedom from the Jun.

Calvin lost his parents to the same sickness that now grips his sister, and he can’t afford to lose someone else.

Rhianna just wants to have fun with the only family she’s ever known and is excited to go outside and experience the world.

Deric wants to save the ragtag group of orphans he calls his family, but he fears the price of the journey will be too high.

But when a tragic event happens to one of his family members, Deric decides to risk the journey to New York City in hopes that his family will finally have the safety and protection they deserve. It will be dangerous, but the group is willing to face it together.

If only their pasts would stay buried in the snow…”

If you answered mostly B’s…

Then my Quelmirian Duology is for you! Villager and Storyteller follow Vivianna, a servant girl whose life goes to hell when the King of her kingdom is murdered. It’s full of political intrigue, friendship, and BEACH VIBES! I won’t share Storyteller‘s synopsis for fear of spoilers, but here is Villager‘s official synopsis:

“As a traditional Quelmirian villager, Vivianna longs for something that will finally make her special. Instead, she finds a job at the palace serving the royal family. But life at the palace takes a turn when the King of Quelmir is murdered in cold blood.

Vivianna quickly finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of political intrigue, where the King’s ward and his lover have secrets to hide, an airship pirate and the Prince’s best friend have a past, and the attention of the Prince could land her in prison.

In Book One of the Quelmirian Duology, Vivianna learns that there are two sides to every story, including her own, and not all of them have happy endings.”

If you answered mostly C’s…

Then my little Paris novella, Je Te Veux, is for you! A quick read for your on-the-go life, but with all the romance you desire. It also has roots in Greek mythology, which is one of my more-or-less secret passions. *winks* Fair warning that is does have a bit of a cliff-hanger ending, but I do plan on releasing the sequel in the near future! Without further ado, the synopsis:

“What if every 1,000 years the Greek gods and goddesses were reincarnated to complete a task on earth? And what if the god of peace and the goddess of chaos met up and fell in love?

When Sara and Tom wake up in Paris and are given their assignments, neither one expects to have any complications. Both are prepared to complete their tasks and move on with their lives. But after a chance encounter, they choose to risk their destinies for the love that they have found.

The only thing is, gods aren’t meant to live on borrowed time. And the consequences for their actions could very well destroy them both.”

Just a reminder that I am having a holiday sale from now until December 21st! Get 25% off any of my paperbacks in my store with the code “holiday19“!

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