Thief is Published!

So I’ve been hinting about it and hinting about it in writing updates for multiple months now, and I can finally share the exciting news with all of you:

THIEF, book 1 in my Tales of Nottingham trilogy, is officially published!!!

It was released yesterday, May 29th, as a surprise on social media. I’ve been building up to the release for the past few weeks, sharing a variety of Tales of Nottingham info and teasers and hinting at “big news coming”… I’ve never actually marketed a new release that way, and it was so fun to try!

And since the word is out now, I can finally share all the glorious details with YOU, my wonderful blog people! <33

The cover, designed by fellow indie author Savannah Jezowski:

And the juicy little synopsis that you can find on the back cover of the book as well….

I’ve had so much fun sharing about this novel with you throughout the stages of writing and editing, and I hope that the finished product is everything you’re wanting it to be! Tackling my first ever fairytale retelling was tough, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Still be forewarned that I have always called it a “loose” Robin Hood retelling, especially with all the dystopian elements at play, but you guys have known that since I’ve mentioned it. *winks*

If you’re interested in giving it a looksie, you can find it HERE!

So…now that THIEF is out, what’s next?

In the spirit of keeping things real, scheduling has been kicking my butt lately, and flexibility is trying to control the reigns. (Ironic, no?) But what I’m hoping is to get down and dirty with book two in the Tales of Nottingham trilogy over the next month or two. I’m already a wee bit behind schedule with when I was wanting the first draft of book 2 finished, but I’m doing better with remembering that writing can go with the flow and whatever life throws at me.

I’ll be sharing more writing updates again soon once I have things to share! (Hopefully very, very soon!) In the meantime, wish me luck, and if you’re interested, definitely check out THIEF on my Shop Page!

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