Indie Books to Buy this Christmas

Happy Saturday, friends! How are all of you doing? Can you believe we’re right around the corner from the holidays???

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays, and even though there’s a lot going on in the world and COVID-19 is still rampant, I’m determined to enjoy the holiday season as much as any other year. The holidays truly mean family time, thankfulness, and giving for me (not that these aren’t important the rest of the year! I feel like they’re just amplified especially during the holiday season). 🙂 What do the holidays mean for you?

Small businesses are struggling to keep afloat more than ever during the pandemic, and I’ve done my best to support them as often as I can. But what about you? Are you interested in supporting small businesses, if you haven’t been doing so already? Do you not know where to start?

Well, I’m so glad you’re here because your friendly neighborhood author (that’s me!) knows of quite a few indie authors/small press publishers you can support this holiday season! Quality reads for a quality price, bringing joy to the book lovers in your life, and helping out an indie author this holiday season… It’s a win-win-win. 🙂

Here are some of my top Indie Book recommendations and where you can find them to purchase…

Photo by the author, Jenni Sauer

Rook Di Goo by Jenni Sauer

**I posted a book review on Rook Di Goo HERE if you’d like to check it out!

Genre: Sci-fi Fairytale Retelling

Synopsis: “Cadet Elisandra Elis is haunted by the things she’s done.

Fighting on Taras, El has done things that go well beyond the call of war. So when she sees a chance to run, she takes it, joining the Aderyn. The ship is quite literally falling apart but the crew — a pilot with an easy sense of humor, a medic with a heart of gold, and a captain who makes her feel a lot of confusing things — make her question what it means to belong somewhere.

But when she’s faced with an opportunity to save her kingdom — and in turn the galaxy — El is caught between the planet she loves and the crew that has welcomed her as one of their own. Left to question just how much she’s willing to give up for the kingdom that broke her, she must decide if throwing her life away is worth it. Or perhaps she should just keep running; thus far, that’s what she’s proven to be best at.

It’s Cinderella reimagined in this science fantasy retelling about a disenchanted idealist looking for her place in the galaxy.”

Available at: Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Other Retailers

Daughter of the Deep by Lina C. Amarego

**I posted a book review on DotD HERE if you’d like to check it out!

Genre: Epic Fantasy/Fantasy Romance

Synopsis: “A wedding to end a war. It’s been four years since the blood feud between the Branwens and Mathonwys started. Four years of sunken ships and loved ones lost, four years of wounds both seen and unseen. Keira Branwen is no stranger to duty. As the first mate of a legendary pirate ship, blessed by the sea-god Lyr, and heir apparent to her clan, she would sail to the Otherworld and back to keep her family safe. But when the Council threatens banishment for her people, Keira is faced with a choice; she must either marry her father’s alleged killer, the sea-snake Ronan Mathonwy, or curse her family to the deep. But in the Seven Isles of the Deyrnas, secrets sleep just beneath the surface of the water. Her father’s death is still shrouded in mystery, and Ronan—her childhood friend, the man she once loved — is hell-bent on proving his innocence. As enemies become friends and friends become suspects, Keira must wade through the waters of doubt to expose the truth, save her family, and restore her father’s legacy. But Keira soon learns that there are ties thicker than blood, and there is more than one way to sacrifice a life.”

Available at: Amazon

Cover Image from Amazon

Darkwind by R. Dugan

**Currently reading this one and completely in love with it!!

Genre: YA Fantasy

Synopsis: “The Middle Kingdom of Talheim has enjoyed peace for decades. But with the threat of war rising from the ruthless South, the dream of a quiet life is fading. And for the noble but naïve Princess Cistine, that means embarking on a dangerous quest to the Northern Kingdom, where she hopes to forge an alliance against their southern foes and save her people.

But when Cistine is captured by an outlaw and his band of cutthroat warriors, she finds a more deadly adventure than she bargained for – and a greater power within herself than she ever knew.

Swept up in the unpredictable tide of a tenuous and shadowy political climate, a ruthless land governed by the stars, and the unexpected revelations that come from her mysterious new companions, Cistine must learn how to fight, how to lead…and above all, how to trust herself. 

If the young princess can’t be forged into a fighter, then her kingdom will fall.”

Available at: Amazon

Prince of Shadow and Ash by Selina R. Gonzalez

**I’ve read the prequel book to this series and cannot wait to dive back into the immersive world Gonzalez has created!

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Synopsis: “She could be his light… If his darkness doesn’t destroy them both.

Bastard and former mercenary Lord Regulus Hargreaves just wants to earn his freedom from the sorcerer who enslaved him. When Lady Adelaide sees past his scar and his shadowed past, Regulus’ dying hope rekindles. But will loving Adelaide while serving the Prince of Shadow and Ash put her in danger?

Adelaide Belanger longs to use the magical energy within her, but revealing her power could get her killed. When she meets kind and rugged Regulus, she wonders if she has finally found someone to trust with her secret—and her heart.

Regulus and Adelaide struggle to build a relationship and keep their secrets from those who would harm them. By the time their secrets are revealed, it may be too late for them both…

A medieval-inspired fantasy adventure with found family, dangerous villains, magic, and romance!”

Available at: Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Other Retailers

Cover from Amazon

Awakening Shadows by Sydney Hawthorn

**Read and loved this book! Perfect for the epic fantasy lovers in your life!

Genre: YA Fantasy

Synopsis: “A Princess. A Warrior. A Slave. A kingdom falling to ruin. And a Queen meant to save them all.Navarre has been at peace for three hundred years, the prophecies of the promised princess no more than a whispered memory of the past. Sheltered from the world around her, naïve Princess Joseline is no stranger to the responsibility and isolation of being heir. But when an attack on her eighteenth birthday reveals the looming return of the legendary demon king, shattering every protective boundary around her, Joseline is thrown full force into the long-forgotten prophecy and the role she plays in his demise.Saved from Aeron’s clutches by a secret organization of warriors trained to protect her, Joseline is forced to choose between her curiosity to understand their motives and her duty to her people’s safety. Swept into the impending war threatening her country, Joseline must learn at all costs not only to fight, but to control the ancient magical power awakening within her.Her life and the lives of her people depend on it.”

Available at: Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Under the Mountain by Nicole E. Tawney

**Literally just finished devouring this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Can’t recommend enough!

Genre: Christian Fantasy/Christian Romance

Synopsis: “A broken Princess… A haunted General… A Kingdom thrust into darkness… Princess Willow Andric has lived a blessed life, with a devoted father, a loving extended family, and The Kingdom to call home. But one night, creatures in service to the Dark Master invade the castle, attacking its residents and stealing Willow away. General Sylas Pryce is haunted by a tragic past. To try and outrun his shame, he joins the Elite, The Kingdom’s military order charged with protecting the crown as well as the word of the Almighty. But when a scouting mission on The Mountain, the hiding place of the Dark Master, goes wrong, he is thrown into a cell and tortured for information. In the dungeons under The Mountain, Willow and Sylas find each other. But the two must learn to conquer their fears and trust each other in order to defeat the Dark Master and take back their Kingdom.”

Available at: Amazon

Other Notable Mentions:

Surrender Your Soul by Samantha Seestrom

Love and the Sea and Everything in Between by Brian McBride

So Sang the Dawn by Ann Marie Pavese

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