On Writing: Master Resource List

Since March 1st kicks off On Writing 3.0, I wanted to share a Master Resource List linking back to all of the previous On Writing event posts! I’ve been privileged to have so many talented authors on my blog, and I hope our insights can help you take your writing, editing, publishing, and marketing to the next level!

On Writing 1.0:

My Pre-Writing Process by Savanna Roberts

Pantsing vs. Outlining by Bryce and Savanna Roberts

On Characters by Savanna Roberts

What’s in a Name? by CS Taylor

The Importance of Genre and Target Audience by Savanna Roberts

Don’t Be Sorry, Be Better: On Themes in Writing by CS Taylor

Marketing Ideas & Strategies for Authors by Savanna Roberts

My Favorite and Least Favorite Writing Tropes by Savanna Roberts

My Editing Process by Savanna Roberts

Self-Publishing Your Novel: Formatting Tips by Savanna Roberts

Common Downsides to Self-Publishing by Savanna Roberts

On Writing Support Groups (Finding Your Tribe) by Savanna Roberts

Writing Advice that Doesn’t Work for Everyone by Savanna Roberts

The Dark Side of Christian Fiction by CS Taylor

Being Fearless: What Nobody Tells You About Becoming an Author by Savanna Roberts

Conclusion + Resource Compilation

On Writing 2.0:

Plotter vs. Pantser by Samantha Seestrom

How to Build Strong Characters by Brian McBride

Picturesque: Writing Great Images by CS Taylor

Why Studying Story is Important by Courtney Kleefeld

Blogging Basics by Rebekah Black

To Christian Authors Who Don’t Write Christian Literature by AnnMarie Pavese

Health Tips for Writers by Savanna Roberts

How to Share about Your Story on Instagram by Jenni Sauer

How to Become a Marketing Sensation by Amara Luciano

Conclusion + Compiled Resource List by Savanna Roberts

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