On Writing: Prepping for Publication Resource List

Photo ID: A silver pen rests on an open notebook on a white desk next to a white iPad. Three succulents sit on the desk in the background. Black text reads: “On Writing: Prepping for Publication.”

We have officially reached the end of the On Writing: Prepping for Publication blog event! Thank you so much for joining us and making this another successful event! We hope you found all of the posts helpful. Below you’ll find some editing resources as well as links to websites for the authors’ books, and there’s also a suggestion form that I’d really appreciate you filling out so I can tailor future On Writing events to suit your needs. Thanks so much!


Jenni Sauer’s books: https://ivorypalacepress.com/about-the-author/

C.S. Taylor’s blog: https://thefoldedworld.wordpress.com/

Editor Alyse Bailey’s email (for quotes and bookings): alysebaileywriter@gmail.com

Editor Megan Gerig’s website: http://www.mgliteraryservices.com/

Lina C. Amarego’s books: https://lcamarego.wixsite.com/mysite

SR Press Editing and Publishing (Savanna and Bryce Roberts): https://sr-press.com/

Link to Suggestion Form: https://forms.gle/AUK5A9ehRx3oEbAK8

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