Storyteller Blog Tour Master Post

Caldo's Cabana


Hey everyone!  Storyteller‘s blog tour kicks off on Sunday, and I wanted to be sure you had a schedule where you could follow along.  I’ll also be sharing on social media, but it’s best for everyone if I have something concrete listed here.  PLUS, I want to give a shoutout to all of the lovely people helping me out!  They’ve put a lot of time and effort into helping me with not only this blog tour but Villager‘s blog tour as well, and I’m so grateful for them!


Without further ado…


October 6th: Chapter One Sneak Peek of Storyteller + Fan Art by Dianna here!

Villager and Storyteller Combo Review by Rosey here!

October 7th: Inspiration Behind the Quelmirian Duology by Me.

October 8th: Character Interviews with Tyde and Fiatina by Cherise here!

October 9th: Storyteller Review by Solange here!

And another Storyteller Review by Meredith here!

October 10th (RELEASE DAY!): Storyteller Review by Dianna here!


I hope you enjoy all of the posts!  Be sure to follow along and also check out all of these lovely ladies’ blogs!  ❤

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