On Writing Blog Event: Intro + Schedule

WELCOME to the 74th Hunger Games the second round of my On Writing Blog Event!

For those of you that are new here or just need a refresher, back in March of 2019 I gathered a couple people together and hosted a month-long event, by writers for writers. Our goal was to cover a variety of topics that would help writers of all levels understand more about publishing, marketing, and story craft. It was so well received and helpful for our audiences, as well as incredibly fun for us, that I knew I just had to host another one.

This year, for On Writing 2.0, I’ve been privileged to work alongside a HUGE selection of authors from a variety of stages and backgrounds that I believe will really help you take your story, publishing journey, and marketing to the next level! I’ll be introducing them all today on my social media accounts (make sure you’re following @booksbysr on Instagram!).

We’re so excited to bring such a wide variety of topics to you, and I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat to find out what all we’ll be discussing. 😉

Without further ado, our schedule for our event:

03/04 — Plotting vs. Pantsing by Samantha Seestrom

03/07 — Building a Solid Character by Brian McBride

03/09 — Picturesque: Writing Good Images by C.S. Taylor

03/11 — Why Studying Story is Important by Courtney Kleefeld

03/14 — Blogging Basics by Rebekah Black

03/16 — Writing Christian Themes Outside of the Christian Fic Genre by AnnMarie Pavese

03/18 — Health Tips for Writers by Yours Truly

03/21 — Sharing Your Writing on Social Media by Jenni Sauer

03/25 — Good Writing vs. Writing Well by Courntey Kleefeld

03/28 — Marketing Yourself Authentically by Amara Luciano

03/30 — Author Resource List by Everyone

Now I know that’s a lot of ground to cover, so if you happen not to be following my blog, rest assured that I will be sharing each post via my Instagram and Facebook stories on the days they come out, and each Saturday I will be doing a post that reminds everyone of the topics we discussed that week. I’ll be sure you keep up and don’t miss any of the topics you’re looking forward to! (Though if you like what you’re seeing, please give my blog a follow!)

Thank you so much for joining us on this endeavor, and we hope it helps you on your writing journey! In the meantime, go say hi to these authors online/on social media and give them a follow!

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